Thursday, April 15

Roofing With Wood

Wooden roofs look historic, they look rustic and they look like the building they adorn is meant to be right in the middle of the woods. Wooden roofs are indeed historic, and they date back many centuries, especially in Europe. Here in North America, we still see many homes sporting the ‘roof of wood’, and although it may be slipping in popularity as it is pricey compared to its competitors like asphalt shingles, there is something to be said about a beautiful wooden roof.

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Wooden shingles are thin tapered pieces that don’t need to be exactly alike to be used side by side, this adds to the charm. Although the thickness needs to be the same, width and length can vary between them. This makes the warm rustic look that many clamour for. These pieces can be bought pre-primed and can be painted, they can come in pre-cut patterns and they can also be bought with a fire retardant coating that will allow them to pass the fire codes in your city.

North American shingles are primarily cut from the Western Red Cedar or California Redwood tree, both species that are low weight and decay resistant in their natural state mái tôn khung sắt. In Europe however they are made primarily of Pine. Because wood is a natural substance, the sun and precipitation will react with it and cause colour changes, and if not properly maintained, moss and lichen can grow between the shingles and on the roof deck itself.

Water on wood of all kinds will get absorbed and will swell. As it dries, the wood will then shrink but if your roof is in an area of shade and can’t dry well after each rain event, the shingles will start to develop stress cracks from the contracting and restricting. These will gradually grow and, if not properly maintained can cause problems down the road.

A properly installed and maintained wooden roof can last anywhere from thirty to fifty years and provide superior performance in places that see a lot of hail storms and high winds. They are light, they are natural and they can breathe, all things that a good roofing material should be able to do.

Wooden roofs are beautiful but you have to be prepared for some work to keep them that way. If you are looking for that rustic charm or that cottage inspired look, then this material is the way to go!

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