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It’s Summer and Diet Bikini Season – What You Need to Know For Bikini Weight Loss This Summer

It is almost like clockwork, the first day of summer arrives and I have an increase of clients looking to have a firmer and skinnier body. Bikini diets are always very popular during this time of the year and bikini weight loss can be a great motivator to losing excess weight. In this article we will look at a diet bikini lovers will enjoy and how you can have a skinnier and firmer body before the end of summer. Don’t worry, we are only a few weeks into summer, there is still time to look and feel better with a “diet bikini style”.

What You Need To Diet Bikini Style

I will not pull any punches here. For some of you, this is going to be a difficult journey yet it is very possible. There are some important key points to keep in mind if you wish to be successful.

  • You Need To Keep Motivated: This is difficult under normal circumstances yet is more so when bikini weight loss is your goal. When you want that weight gone so you can get into that bikini, diets are never fast enough. All I can say is remain positive and patient; it does take time for your body to react to any new stimulus. As a visual motivator, hang your bikini in a visible area of your closet so you see it each morning when you get dressed and every night before bed. This will remind you why you are on the diet, bikini weight loss will be the motivator to a healthier, sexier you.
  • Exercise Is Required: When starting out and bikini weight loss is the only thing on your mind, you are going to need to do a little more exercise then required for a normal weight loss program. Since we are already into the summer and you want to have that killer body as soon as possible to get into your bikini, diets with low impact exercise programs will not be enough. Low impact exercise programs require you to workout 20 minutes every three days. Clients needing to trim up and “diet bikini style” are required to have an exercise program a little more intensive. If you have a gym membership then this might be a little easier for you as you will have access to equipment that will help you out yet it is not necessary. The “diet bikini style” exercise program requires a bit more time as bikini weight loss requires you to workout at least 30 minutes, everyday. Any exercise will be fine as all exercises burn fat cells and help Bikini bottom tone your body as long as you workout for the 30 minutes. Exercises that I suggest include skipping rope, a fast walk or light jog, dancing, stretches, sit-ups, jumping jacks and anything else that you enjoy and play music with high energy to help the time fly by. Remember to check with your doctor before starting any intense exercise program.
  • Eating Habits: Many “experts” bikini diets will suggest that you cut out many types of foods to lose weight faster. True, you can lose weight if you are starving your body of the nutrients that it requires yet this has never been an approach that I have taken with my clients. Looking good and feeling like crap is not very enjoyable. Whether you are on a “diet bikini style” or just trying to lose weight, the weight loss fundamentals are the same. To lose weight quickly you need to have healthy eating habits and be on a weight loss program that teaches you those habits. This includes having a good breakfast each morning and making sure that your have five meals a day. Five smaller meals throughout the day will help increase your metabolism helping burn fat faster. Look at your meals this way. Eat like a Queen in the morning, eat like a Princess in the afternoon and eat like a peasant in the evening. You need less food in the evening than in the morning so you should be eating for your bodies needs.

If you are looking to just lose a couple pounds or looking to make a lifestyle change, learning healthy eating habits today will prevent you from having to worry about your bikini next year. So “diet bikini style” this year and remember the points above and you will have a bikini body you will be proud this summer. Don’t wait, start today, keep it fun and it will be easier than you think.

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