Friday, February 26

Assessing The Work Quality of an Electrician – What’s The Yardstick?

Remember the last time you hired an electrician? The electrical system in your house encountered some problem, and you just gave a call to the local electrical expert. He did something with those wires and sockets and you knew that the work was done. But wait, was the problem really fixed? In sharp contrast to the highly discernible work of a painter or carpenter, the work of an electrician goes mostly undetected.

Everything hides behind your walls, within switch boards, and other inaccessible panels. The wires may also run through your crawlspaces and garrets. Even though all the wires in your house are visible, a majority of the home proprietors are not sanguine about the quality of their electrician’s work. However, it’s possible to assess the work of a technician by gathering information from external sources,for the residential electricians for example ex-customers, other industry professionals and perhaps even the Internet. So, next time when you appoint an electrician, you need to consider a few important things.

Keep the ex-factor in mind

Whenever you are in need of any home refurbishment professional, it’s always advisable to take a feedback from their ex-consumers. This could be particularly true of an electrical expert. Make all possible queries about their experience with the service quality of that specific technician. Was the work process smooth and trouble-free? Was the technician negligent about their work? Did the client need frequent alterations? Don’t forget to ask whether they were satisfied with the overall installation process – both in terms of service and quality.

Consult other local experts

You can have a peek-a-boo view of the work of an electrician by consulting other professionals who have already worked with the technician in question. Constructors like architects and electrical testers can provide you with an unbiased view of the electrician’s work.

Take a look at recent projects

If you have sufficient time on hand, take a short trip to check the technician’s current or freshly completed projects to assess the work quality. Even though you aren’t an electrical tester and won’t be able to judge things in strict adherence to rules and codes, you can always have an overall idea about their standard of work. For this, you need to take a close look at the work done by them. Some common assessing parameters are: Do wires run straight and neat? Are they tied at certain intervals? Do the switch boards and outlets look neat?

The electrical system in your house is quite complex and could be highly dangerous if handled by untrained technicians. Therefore, when selecting an electrician for your home, keep the above mentioned points in mind. Before you take the final plunge, take sufficient time in doing the research work. It’s always better to be late than sorry.

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